Solutium Hosting Services

Other Web Services

DNS Hosting and Management

We offer DNS Hosting for £12 per year; per domain, which includes unlimited subdomains (within reason). This is hosted on our primary server and duplicated on three backup DNS servers. This service is included for free if you have purchased a hosting package and when the domain has been purchased or renewed through ourselves.

Backup Mail Queue

Secondary MX (also known as Backup MX or SMTP Feed) ensures that if your mailserver is down, messages queue on our server until your server is accepting mail again. If your server is down more than a couple of days, you should talk to us about webmail or redirecting all your mail to an account elsewhere. For less than 1GB data per month (for up to 5 domains) it costs £30 per year. While this should be sufficent for most purposes, if you have larger throughput requirements, please contact us.

MySQL Database

One MySQL database hosted on the server costs £30 per year. While generally you can host more than one applications data in a single database if you require additional databases please contact us for pricing.

Solutium is not VAT registered, so does not add or charge VAT on its prices. Prices are correct as of 01/10/2009.