Solutium Hosting Services

Domain Registration

Domain registration costs vary by domain type. For a quote on any domain names you require please contact us.

Transfers into us cost the same as, and include, 1 years renewal (except for .uk domains which are free for us to transfer, and are not automatically renewed when transferred). There is no charge to transfer domains away from us (unless the registrar makes a charge to us for doing so, in which case we will advise you before preceeding).

Specific Domain Requirements

You must use .mobi domains according to the registry style guidelines.

For and you must be an eligible company under the UK Companies Act 1985 and the domain name must be related to your company name. Processing of these applications will be manual. Read more here.

Registration Terms

Registration of all domains through Solutium are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy, for domains except .uk our agent's Registration Agreement (the latest version here will supersede the copy on our site if different), and the domain registrar rules indicated or linked to from the Registration agreement. Some domains (indicated in the Registration agreement) use the ICANN Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy - by registering domains which use this policy (or the registrar's dispute policy), you agree to be bound by the policy and in the event of any dispute over the domain name you registered, agree to follow or submit to the processes set out in the policy, and abide by the resulting decision. As a registrant you have certain rights and responsibilities, you can read about them on ICANN's website.

ICANN, the body ultimately responsible for the domain name system, require us to draw potential domain registrants' attention to this summary and these educational materials concerning your rights and responsibilities in registering a domain.