Solutium Hosting Services

Terms of Use

The payment for hosting is only refundable if the customer changes their mind within 14 days and a £10 admin fee will be deducted before any refund. After that period, no refund will be given. Refunding domains will not be possible.

Exceeding the bandwidth limit will result in a charge for the number of units exceeded in accordance with the amount stated beside the bandwidth for that account type. Prices do not have VAT charged on them.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that any data hosted by Solutium is backed up. Solutium cannot be responsible for any data loss. Similarly, while Solutium strives to ensure reliability and availability of it's services, we can not be held liable for any loss or damages resulting from our servers being unavailable.

Registration of any domains are subject to Solutium's Acceptable Use Policy (see below), for domains except .uk our agent's Registration Agreement (the latest version here will supersede the copy on our site if different), and the domain registrar rules indicated or linked to from the Registration agreement. Some domains (indicated in the Registration agreement) use the ICANN Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy - by registering domains which use this policy, you agree to be bound by the policy and in the event of any dispute over the domain name you registered, agree to follow or submit to the processes set out in the policy, and abide by the resulting decision.

Customers failing to pay invoices within 30 days will have their account suspended until full payment has been made.

Acceptable Usage Policy

Hosting with Solutium is subject to the laws of England and the rules of its upstream providers as laid out here.

Customers shall not use any domain hosted by Solutium to 'spam' or provide any tools designed to aid spammers (such as bulk mailers), nor may you run a proxy or relay on this server. Doing so will result in your account being suspended until it is removed, or if malicious, your account being cancelled, and legal action may be taken.

All hosted sites must comply with UK legislation, and copyrighted material may only be used with the permission of the copyright holder and in accordance to any attached licence (such as Creative Commons licences, or the GPL). Any legally served notice requesting the takedown of any material, or copies of logs or customer's hosted data, will be acted upon and may result in your website being disabled, or in extreme cases, removed.

Solutium does not offer hosting for 'Adult' websites (e.g. any pictures/movies/etc hosted which are of, or contain, breasts, genitalia, the act of sex, etc) - there are specialist hosts for this types of media. Anyone found hosting such a site will be given 30 days to move their hosting to a more suitable provider (except where they have broken UK law and legal notice has been served to take down the content).

Solutium is entitled to review and amend these terms and restrictions, provided a months notice of changes has been given to all customers. To ensure you see these notifications and are kept up to date regarding any maintenance or downtime, please subscribe to the Solutium Announce Mailing List.

Page last updated 21th September 2009.